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TCET Open Source

TCET Open Source is an organization where software is not just a commodity to be bought and sold, but a collaborative effort that brings people together to solve problems and build something greater than themselves. Our organization crafts solutions with the spirit of open source in it's heart, encompassing collaborative development and community involvement while building projects.

TCET Open Source is more than just a movement, it's a philosophy that values transparency, inclusivity, and the power of community, having a strength of 150+ Individuals currently, across various teams.

Together, We're Building Tomorrow's World, One Line at a Time !!!!!!

Organization Structure

The Organisation is Primarily divided into 2 Major Domains -

  • Engineering Domain
  • Operations Domain

TCET Open Source operates with a clear objective and structure, to excel into the world of Open Source. In the heart of our leadership, We have our CEO, the driving force behind our vision and strategy. The Engineering Division focuses on the creation, development, and optimization of our projects, while the Operations Division ensures the seamless functioning of our organization, managing resources, and facilitating collaboration.



CEO is the Leader & Head of the organization. A CEO in an open-source organization plays a unique role compared to traditional for-profit companies. Their responsibilities revolve around overseeing the strategic direction and operations of the organization, but with a focus on advancing open-source software and principles.

Engineering Domain


Current Bearer - VISHAL RAWAT

CTO is the Highest Technical Position in the Organization, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) in an open-source organization also has a distinct role compared to traditional companies, with a focus on advancing Open-source software and technology. CTO is the administrator of the GitHub Organization, the Discord server, and all other platforms the organization is present (which may include hosting services, admin panels, VPSs, Server Rooms, etc).

Understanding the Work Levels✅

Below is a detailed breakdown of the Roles and Responsibilities an individual has when they are part of a certain Engineering Level.

L7 - Admin (Director)

Director of the team. This person should know the ins and out of their team's repository. They are the go-to people if any kind of assistance or advice is required for their repository or the tech stack in question. Usually a Senior member of the organization that has worked on that particular project for a Good amount of time.

L6 - Primary Maintainer (Executive Director)

Junior to the Director, this person is also expected to know the ins and out of their projects. These are the people who are actually running the show, with help and advice from their L7 Seniors. They are responsible from creating and assigning issues to members and other engineers. Should be well versed in their Tech Stacks and know how their project can impact the world.

Not all L6 are EDs

L5 - Senior Student Engineers (Maintainer)

These are Junior students who are similarly skilled as their Seniors in the Higher Levels and can help drive innovation and engineering of their respective teams. Some of these students may have lengthy coding experiences despite their academic year. These are also student leaders who may become future Directors and EDs. They often help their teammates in the lower levels.

L4 - Mid-level Student Engineer

These Student Engineers are fluent with their Tech Stacks but are working to solidify their knowledge in their Team's Domain. They are also capable of Assisting their Junior Engineers. They occasionally might need help from their Senior Engineering Levels.

L3 - Junior Student Engineer

These are student Engineers who are aware of the project they are working on and are guided by their Higher Level Engineers into enhancing their skills further. They can contribute to the project and are assigned tasks by their team's EDs. They are guided and mentored by an L5 who is part of their team and usually their batch mate.

L2 & L1 - Student Interns

TCET Open Source conducts On campus internships. We have successfully completed the first batches of internships in the months of June-July. We conducted internships for our 2025 (33 students), and 2026 (61 students) batches separately. Our student interns have graduated to Higher Levels in the organization. This level is temporary and available only during internship period.

Understanding the Team Structure ✅

Given below is a details Structure of Teams in Technical Domain of TCET OpenSource Organization.

Frontend Team

Our Frontend Team is responsible for developing the user interface and user experience of software applications and websites. Our team create the visual elements that users interact with, ensuring a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interface. Our team collaborates closely with designers, backend developers, and other teams to deliver a seamless and responsive user experience.

Backend Team

Our Backend Team serves as the backbone of our organization's software infrastructure, managing the server-side operations that power digital applications and services. Our Team handle the core components of our organization that users don't directly interact with but are critical for functionality, security, and data management, supporting the overall success of our organization's software products and services.

DevOps Team

Our DevOps Team is a crucial group responsible for bridging the gap between software development and deployment operations. Our Devops Team is responsible for development, upgradation and maintainance of our organization's one of the most crucial projects - TCET LINUX. Our Team plays a pivotal role in accelerating software delivery, ensuring infrastructure stability, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement within the organization.

AI Team

Our AI Team is a group of professionals dedicated to the development, implementation, and management of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions within our organization. Our primary objective is to harness the power of AI to solve complex problems, automate tasks, improve decision-making, and enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our opensource organization's operations.

Documentation Team

  • Current Director/Admin -
  • Current Executive Director - MEET JAIN

Our Documentation Team of TCET Opensource is a dedicated group of highly skilled individuals in technical documentation responsible for creating, maintaining, and improving the documentation for the organization's software projects. Our Docs team plays a major role in ensuring that our organization open-source software is accessible, understandable, and user-friendly for developers, users, and contributors.

UI/UX Team

Our UI/UX Team plays a vital role in shaping the user experience of our organization's digital products and services. Our UI/UX team expertise in user-centered design, information architecture, visual design, usability testing, and accessibility is instrumental in creating digital experiences that resonate with users, enhance engagement, and contribute to organization.

Graphics Team

Our Graphics Team is a Creative and Skilled group of individuals responsible for designing Visual Elements, such as logos, icons, user interfaces, and promotional materials, for our organization's projects. Our team's work contributes to attracting and retaining users and contributors while maintaining a cohesive and recognizable brand presence.

Operations Domain


Current Bearer - MAHIMA CHURI

COO is the highest operational position in the organization. Chief Operations Officer is responsible for managing all non-technical tasks carried out by the organization, such as event planning and execution, management of the organization's online presence via social media, and all administrative paperwork required to oversee the organization's various technical and non-technical activities.



Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for overseeing the organization's financial stability, sustainability, and openness. The CFO is in charge of preserving financial transparency, properly allocating resources, and guaranteeing the organization's long-term financial sustainability. They are essential to the success of our initiatives and projects that enhance the organization's goal and help the larger community.

HRM - Human Resource Manager

Current Bearer - ANANYA SINGH

Human Resource (HR) Manager in our organization is responsible for overseeing the human resource functions and policies that relate to the organization's workforce. HR manager plays a vital role in nurturing a diverse and engaged community, managing human resources effectively, and ensuring that the organization's workforce, contributes optimally to the advancement of open-source projects and the achievement of our organization's mission.

Understanding the Roles ✅

Below is a detailed breakdown of the Roles and Responsibilities an individual has when they are part of a Operations Team.


Secretary of our Organization is responsible for all non-technical documentation of our Organization and is often associated with administrative and governance responsibilities. This is a very important position, as the secretary is the one responsible for drafting official notices, MoMs, and other official documentation and paperwork.

Event Manager

Event Manager is responsible for planning, organizing, and executing various events and activities that facilitate community engagement, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and project promotion within Our Open-Source Ecosystem. Event Manager plays a critical role in bringing the community together, fostering collaboration, and promoting open-source initiatives through well-planned and executed events.

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager is a crucial role responsible for crafting and executing social media strategies to promote our organization's identity and open-source projects, engage with the community, and increase visibility and support. Their efforts contribute to growing the organization's influence and fostering collaboration within our open-source community.

Sponsorship Manager

Sponsorship Manager in our Open-Source Organization is responsible for identifying, securing, and managing sponsorship opportunities from external organizations and individuals to support our organization's open-source projects, events, and community initiatives. Sponsorship Manager of our Open-Source organization serves as a key between the organization and potential sponsors, playing a vital role in securing financial and in-kind support.

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies to promote the organization's open-source projects, engage with the community, attract contributors, and increase awareness and adoption. Marketing manager serves as a strategic and creative force to advance the organization's mission and drive community growth.

Assitant Secretary

Assistant Secretary is typically responsible for providing administrative support and assisting the Secretary in managing administrative and governance tasks. Their support ensures that the organization's records are accurate, meetings are well-coordinated, and communication is efficient, ultimately contributing to the smooth operation of our organization.

Usually all above Administrative Roles would be for Second Year and Third Year studying At TCET.

Working Committees Member

This is group of individuals who are usually someone from 1 year or 2 year who provide assistance in different domains to their Managers in conducting, managing major events of our organization. Working Committees serve as valuable resources within our organizations, as they play a crucial role in achieving organizational goals and maintaining efficient.

Understanding the Team Structure ✅

Given below is a details Structure of Teams in Operations Domain of TCET OpenSource Organization.

Administrative Team

Administrative Team of our organization is responsible for managing and facilitating essential administrative and governance functions. This includes tasks such as record-keeping, legal compliance, meeting coordination, document management, and supporting the C-Levels. Our Administrative team play a crucial role in maintaining order, transparency, and efficiency within the organization's operations.

Management Team

Management Team is dedicated to enhancing community engagement, promoting open-source initiatives, and fostering a vibrant and inclusive environment within our organization. By seamlessly integrating event planning, social media management, this team work together to empower our community, enhance our online presence, and ensure that our workforce and volunteers are fully engaged in advancing our open-source mission. All the creative, management and organising work load of the organization will be done by this team.

Finance Team

Finance Team of our organization is a critical department responsible for managing the financial aspects of TCET OpenSource. This team plays a crucial role in ensuring the financial health and stability of our organization. Finance team's overarching goal is to manage the financial resources of the organization effectively, ensure compliance with regulations, and provide valuable financial insights to support strategic decision-making.

To Summarize our Organizations Strcuture, refer to the Image below :-


Live Projects

The organization has successfully completed and currently maintains several projects that cater to the needs of TCET students. These include:

  1. Activity Dekho
    This live website showcases past activities organized by TCET students, including committees, clubs, and social bodies. It serves as an archive of the college's vibrant extracurricular life, providing students with a glimpse into the diverse range of activities.

    Activity Dekho
  2. SORT Club website
    Its represents the SORT and Literary Club's Website which is the part of TCET Open Source.

    SORT Club website
  3. Fill My Cycle:
    This live application predicts the average subject-wise score of TCET students. By utilizing advanced algorithms, it offers valuable insights into academic performance, helping students understand their strengths and areas for improvement.

    Fill My Cycle

Ongoing Projects

Additionally, the organization is actively working on several exciting projects to further enhance the TCET community. These projects under development include:

  1. TnP website
    TnP website
  2. TCET Linux
    TCET Linux
  3. Resume Screener
    Resume Screener*
  4. TCET Open Source Website
    TCET Open Source Website

Upcoming Projects

Looking ahead, the organization has plans for upcoming projects that will further enhance various aspects of college life, including:

  1. ERP Website Frontend
  2. Canteen Management System
  3. Audit Frontend
  4. Audit Backend
  5. SkillSync


So if you're looking for a way to make a difference in the organization, to contribute to something greater than yourself, and to be a part of a vibrant and passionate community, look no further than this community of open source.