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TCET Linux Website

This is the official documentation of the TCET Linux website of TCET Mumbai built by UI/UX and Frontend Team to provide necessary information about TCET Linux that have been developed by DevOps Team, maintained by the TCET Open Source Documentation team.

The admirable collaboration of Arch Linux and TCET Open Source Community has given us an Operating System which is altered in a way that makes it a good partner for all the Engineering Students of Thakur College of Engineering and Technology

1. The backbone of TCET linux

  • Built upon the robust foundation of Arch Linux, TCET Linux inherits its stability, flexibility, and extensive package availability, catering to the diverse needs of engineering students and faculty.

2. What does it Offer?

  • TCET Linux offers optimized and streamlined environment. this provides the students to explore the various concepts of Engineering

3. We would not reel in the real world

  • The inclusion of specialized engineering software tools, programming languages, and development environments enhances the learning experience that prepares students for real-world engineering challenges

  • TCET Linux also promotes the culture of learning and sharing the knowledge with others, and also sharing ideas.

4. Open Source

  • Open Source helps with maintaining the website as well as ensure that students and faculty have access to the latest software versions and security patches, keeping the system up-to-date and secure.

If you're ready to get started with contributing to TCET Open Source, head over to our installation guide for step-by-step instructions on how to Get Started with the TCET Linux Website.