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Contribute to TCET LINUX!

TCET Linux is one of the most active projects under TCET Open Source and there are multiple ways through which you can contribute to it.


Be familiar with Linux as an operating system and have hands-on experience with using Linux on your system. You can do this by trying to run Linux commands and understanding the file system. For an ultimate beginner, Ubuntu is the right one where you should start first.

Apart from it, for all the code and non - code contributions, one should have enough knowledge about Version Control, Git and GitHub.

Contributions to the Code-

Programming Languages like Python, are the most used while developing TCET Linux. Depending on the area that you want to contribute to, be well versed in the development using the same language. For the first few contributions, try finding out small bugs and work on basic issues. You can also try with Low-Code Contributions about which we've discussed below.

Open Source Community is made for the public, that is you; and hence you can always raise your queries on several platforms and comment on the issue through your GitHub account. Apart from this, read the documentation and guidelines appropriately before starting to contribute.

In the Resources section on our documentation website, Internal and External workflow has been shared, do have a look at it.

Low-Code and No-Code Contributions-

For a variety of desktop appearances of TCET Linux and to make it better, you can add wallpapers and improve the graphics. UI/UX is one such domain where you can always explore, not only in TCET Linux but also in a wide number of open source projects. Documentation is another rescue for all the non-code contributors. From fixing language and grammar to improving the docs and blogs section, you can easily contribute here. We would recommend that you understand Markdown and Docusauras well enough for contributing in documentation.


Join the TCET Linux Discussion Channel in our discord server to connect with fellow users, report bugs, and seek help. You can as for help for contributing in TCET Linux.

Code always evolves and so should your knowledge, keep exploring different techstacks, and happy contributing! 😉