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References and Credits

Linux is a very vast concept and building any operating system isn't an easy task and therefore, there have been multiple organisations and open source repositories that we have relied upon for the development of TCET Linux. We are extremely thankful to all the organisations and individuals who have helped us with their tutorials, documentations and open source work.

They are linked below-

  1. Neofetch Repository

  2. Arch Linux

  3. Thunar Repo

  4. XFCE

  5. Libre Office

  6. Starship

  7. VS Code

  8. Mozilla Firefox

  9. Calamares Repo

  10. Arch Linux GUI

There is never an end to what you can build by learning on your own and everything you'll ever need is just one google search away. But always remember to give a shoutout and the credits to all the ones who deserve it! Keep building, Keep exploring!