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Variants & Releases

In the world of Linux, variant releases refers to the different distributions or distros in linux. These may be developed by the organisation, or a community or an individual and further they keep on updating. These distributions include the Linux kernel along with supporting system software and libraries to create a complete operating system.

In context to TCET Linux, there have been 2 major release phases, namely OPEN ALPHA and BETA RELEASE ENGINEERING.

Here is a brief about both of them-

1. Open Alpha

Under this release phase, there were 3 major releases consecutively.

  • Open Alpha Build 1
  • Open Alpha Build 5
  • Open Alpha Build 9
  • Final Open Alpha [ After the commencement of Beta Testing Phase]

The prime chnges included GRUB being recognised and print TCET Linux on the boot menu, INSTALLER correctly being lauched from the menu and the containment of Stock XFCE and Linux Zen Kernel.

2. Beta Release Engineering

With this release phase, TCET Linux got successfully in the beta testing phase.

There have been 3 major releases as of now and the prime changes include:

  • Default shell changed from Bash to Zsh along with Zsh being completed.
  • Keyring issue fixed.
  • Autosuggestions and UI/UX improvements along with new default wallpapers.
  • Fixed resolutions for virtual machine.

Several other issues and bugs have been fixed and new improvements have been made in this release phase. Stay tuned in for more updates as there's no stopping to it!