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TCET Training and Placement Website

This is the official documentation of the Training and Placement cell of TCET Mumbai, maintained by the TCET Open Source Documentation team.

The Training and Placement department serves as a bridge between the academic environment and the industry by establishing connections with various companies and organizations. The ultimate aim of the T&P webiste is to make available the resources students need to know, to achieve their career goals. The website promotes student benefits and oppurtunities from Placements point of view. We have displayed every information in detail through the website, in order to provide the students with relevant first hand information.


Here is the set of approach we kept in mind while designing our website:

1. Header & Navbar Redesigned

  • Header and Navbar are supposed to be easy to use and are very important for User Experience (UX).
  • In comparison with the previous clunked Navbar design, we ensured that the new one works swiftly.
  • We redesigned the header and navbar with complete responsiveness to make it look clean and extremely easy to use.

2. Statistics

  • Redesigning the statistics to give us an edge of transparency.
  • As Statistics holds an important place to determine the credibility of our services.

3. Recruiters

  • Displaying top recruiters to the right in the main page above the hero section for instant visibility.
  • To grab students and parents attention visiting our website reflecting many good companies visit our college for placements.

4. Reflecting more credibility

  • Display of awards received by T&P Cell of our college is beautifully reflected in the website.
  • Displaying students achievements as well as top placed students.
  • Ensured displaying the testimonials of not just companies but also students.

5. Training Page

  • We have smartly increased the focus from just pre-placements programs to each and every T&P program which helps students with a better learning process.
  • We are also displaying the professional bodies under T&P cell who have their own set of sessions and programs conducted whivh has helped students in developing skills.
  • Special mention of TCET Open Source because contributing to open source will provide anyone with a high edge over competition in the market.
  • We have also emphasized the fact that college level OSS org apart from TCET only exist in IIT Mumbai.
  • Constantly updating the site by mentioning the huge events happening in our college performed by various Professional Bodies of T&P.
  • All the above points states how well we train our students to be industry ready and achieve an edge in the competition.

6. Placements & Internship Page

  • We have made changes in how we display the companies list.
  • We have included their logos which are under creative commons license and can be used by anyone.
  • We have also displayed statistics of all placed students and companies for proper transparency.

7. Industry Interaction & Events

  • Many industries visit our campus and talk to our students and interact with them. We display these interactions and experience of the industry expert in our website.
  • Promoting all the events conducting by T&P Cell such as SDP, CCP, ACT etc.
  • Created a specific page for each event to provide detailed information, pictures and statistics.
  • All these factors will determine the prospective companies of how active we are.
  • These points will give industries the insights about our students being highly skilled and will influence them to reach out to us.

If you're ready to get started with contributing to TCET Open Source, head over to our installation guide for step-by-step instructions on how to Get Started with the TNP Website.