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About TCET Linux

TCET Linux is GNU/Linux distribution, based on Arch Linux built for enhancing college infrastructure and promoting Linux in software engineering education.

Whats Offered in TCET Linux:

1) Desktop Environment (XFCE): TCET Linux uses the XFCE desktop environment, known for its lightweight and intuitive design. Customize your desktop, panels, and appearance to suit your preferences.

2) Thunar File Manager: Manage your files efficiently with Thunar, a user-friendly file manager. Learn keyboard shortcuts and file operations for a seamless experience.

3) Terminal Theme (Starship): TCET Linux features the Starship prompt, enhancing your terminal experience with useful information and a clean, modern look.

4) Default Browser (Mozilla Firefox): Browse the web with Mozilla Firefox, a fast and privacy-focused web browser.

5) Basic System Usage: Familiarize yourself with system navigation, file manipulation, software installation, and package management using Pacman.

6) Customizing TCET Linux: Tailor your system to your liking by changing themes, icons, and installing additional software packages through the pacman package manager.

7) Application Manager: Gives you to choose which software should be installed in your system. So that, you can tailor your system with your choices of softwares.

Community and Support

Join the TCET Linux Discussion Group to connect with other users, and seek help.

Contributing to TCET Linux

Interested in contributing to TCET Linux development? Check our development guidelines, learn how to submit patches, and explore opportunities to join the TCET Linux team.


You can visit to some learning resources listed on Resource Page of TCET Linux documentation.


  • About TCET Linux: A brief overview of TCET Linux.

  • Idea for creating TCET Linux: A motivation and idea for creating TCET Linux.

  • Variants: TCET Linux Variant.

  • Releases: Releases and Verions Information for TCET Linux.

  • Installation Steps: Installation Steps and Troubleshooting while Installation.

  • Guides: Basic Guide, Application Guide and Application Troubleshooting.

  • Contribute to TCET Linux: Contribution guide for TCET Linux.

  • Resources: Resources referred and used for development of TCET Linux.

  • ISO Profile: ISO Profile of TCET Linux.

  • References and Credits: List of all References and Credits for TCET Linux.

TCET Linux empowers users with a powerful, flexible, and efficient Linux distribution tailored to diverse needs. With this documentation, you have the resources to harness the full potential of TCET Linux and embark on a journey of exploration, customization, and productivity. Welcome to the TCET Linux community!